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Let Everything Hang Loose


Lately, I’ve felt burnt out. After finishing a challenging project, I felt so tired. I need some break. I need a pause so I can unwind my mind. I want to do nothing. Simply nothing. No working. No getting up from bed. No to anything.

I want to turn off my email alerts but it seems impossible because my work life is there. I feel the urge to log out from my social media accounts for a while and I think this one will be possible as long as I can commit to myself to do it. Even right now I don’t want to meet boring people. Perhaps I just need to make a space for myself for the time being. Perhaps I just need someone I can talk to and share all of my feelings with.

Pampering myself can be a perfect idea. Digging into a good book. Eating delicious desserts and snacks. Watching fun movies. Laughing out loud. Scheduling time off to enjoy the moment. I think what I need most this time is just someone patting my back and telling, “Everything will be all right. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Take your time. Make yourself at peace. Be thankful for everything you got. And do the best for the next endeavors coming up to your life.”

Life can be tough. Sometimes, we are forced to do all things that do not spark joy at all. That happens all the time since we cannot control everything in our life. Certain things are indeed not in our control. Yes, I know that not being able to control important things in our life is stressful. But, what can we do except doing the best in every desperate attempt and letting God do the rest?

Being workaholic is sometimes scary. We do not realize the negative impacts until our body calls for a break. We have a deadline to meet. We have more goals to reach and achieve. However, we also need time to get some rest and sleep. To have fun a little bit.

I’m still learning to make my life more meaningful. Trying my best to make my days more colorful. Doing all possible things to make my loved ones happy and content. Even though not everything can go as we expect in our life, we can still be thankful for everything we’ve been through because we can still get this far.

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